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~ Tuesday, March 20 ~

Spartacus Nagron fic: Worth Wait

Rating: NC-17
Genres/Themes: Romance, Fluffy, Slash, Missing Scenes, Episode Tag, light Angst and Hurt/Comfort (Nasir/Naevia)
Relationships Featured: Romantic: Agron/Nasir, light Crixus/Naevia; Friends: Nasir/Lugo, and Nasir/Naevia; light Agron/Spartacus/Nasir, Agron/Nasir/Mira
Spoilers: All the Spartacus episodes up through Spartacus: Vengeance, ep 8, “Balance”
Length: a little over 3200 words
Notes: The lead-up to and aftermath of the infamous “hallway scene” of ep 8, “Balance”. Sequel to my fics “Across a Crowded Temple" and "Wild Dogs”, but could be read without reading them first.
DISCLAIMER: Two lines in the fic are from “Balance”: Agron’s “Time passes too slowly” and Nasir’s “We must be quick then.” Agron, Nasir, Naevia, Mira, Lugo, and the depiction of Spartacus and Crixus, as in the Spartacus series, all © Starz. This is just fanfiction, not an official story for the series, and no profit is being made by the author.

NOTE: You’ll see a couple different styles of section breaks here.
o——o means that the section after is it from Nasir’s point of view (it’s meant to be shackles).
O=]===========> means that the section after it is from Agron’s POV.

Nasir fought not to run through the temple as he looked for Agron, buoyed through the halls by the news he couldn’t wait to share. He found Agron outside the room where the Roman woman was being kept; Spartacus was patting the man on the shoulder.

“Thank you, my friend,” Spartacus was saying.

Agron nodded, then noticed Nasir, his face splitting into a grin that lit the hall. Nasir felt himself reciprocate, his lips moving of their own accord — not that he disagreed with their action, but it still surprised him (in a good way) that his body reacted so strongly to Agron of its own accord. It was responding in other ways, too, for that matter ….

Agron kissed him, chaste but affectionate. Nasir bit back a growl of frustration — he wanted more, and he’d wanted it now. Hadn’t they waited long enough? 

"Spartacus has asked me to keep watch over Ilithia," Argon was saying.

“Oh!” Nasir hoped he didn’t sound as disappointed as he felt. “I will stand guard with him!” he told Spartacus.

Nasir thought maybe the corner of their leader’s mouth may have twitched slightly, and that there was a spark of mirth in the man’s eyes. “Very well,” Spartacus agreed. “Two are better than one — though I don’t anticipate her giving even a gnat any trouble.”

Agron nodded. “I’m more concerned about someone thirsting for Roman blood,” he remarked with a rueful smirk. Nasir suspected that Spartacus asking Agron to stand guard over the woman was partially intended to ensure that Agron himself didn’t act on such an impulse ….

“I will not be gone overlong,” Spartacus promised, clapping Nasir’s shoulder this time. “I just need some time to think of what to do with her.”

Don’t think too long, Nasir thought to himself as he watched their friend depart.

“You seemed out of breath when you arrived,” Agron said, looking worried. “Are you all right?”

Nasir considered telling Agron his news, but then thought better of it. It would only make the wait for the return of Spartacus hard on Argon as well. “I’m fine,” he assured him, reaching up to brush Agron’s cheek with the back of his fingers. His stomach flipped when Agron leaned into his touch. “I just missed you,” he added.

“And I you,” Agron replied, kissing the inside of Nasir’s palm before enveloping him in his arms.

Nasir relaxed. As hungry as he had been for more intimate pleasures a moment ago, there was something to be said for just being held, enjoying the heat and heartbeat if his beloved. The downside, though, was the sudden chill of air against his skin once they finally pulled apart ….

It was all his stomach’s fault: it growled loudly, causing them both to laugh and step back. “I shall fetch something to eat — do you hunger?”

“In many ways, but all for you,” Agron replied, biting at Nasir’s neck playfully.

“Eat me, and you shall not satisfy other hungers,” Nasir laughed, reluctantly pulling away and offering a smile before going off for food.

As he turned a corner, he bumped into Lugo, and bounced off the man. Lugo caught him by the wrist and helped him regain his footing,

“Apologies,” Lugo told him.

“And to you,” Nasir replied. Lugo then grinned knowingly. “You are distracted by thoughts of Agron?”

Nasir felt the heat rise in his cheeks as he nodded, smiling.

Lugo laughed and clapped him on the back. “You not spend time enough in bed together to stop thinking elsewhere?”

Nasir’s cheeks were on fire now. “My wound …” He pointed to his bandage. He and Agron had been sharing a bed for a few weeks now, but … “Agron insisted we wait for the medicus to say I was healed enough.”

“And are you?” Lugo waggled a brow.

“Now,” Nasir confirmed, chuckling. His stomach growled.

Lugo roared with laughter. “We get you food, build up strength! You need, with that one!” And the German grabbed Nasir’s wrist, dragging him along.

Food-based hunger sated, Agron and Nasir spent a while chatting, mostly about one another’s lives before they met. When Lucius came to see Ilithia, they got to their feet and stayed standing.

As guards, of course they were supposed to check the corridor now and then, and on the prisoner, but as the time wore on, it seemed to Agron that Nasir’s frequent glances down the hall had less to do with duty than boredom: he seemed restless and to be to be looking for someone in particular — Spartacus, of course.

“Apologies that you got roped into guard duty,” Agron told him. “You do not have to stay ….”

Nasir snapped to attention, seeming … hurt? Upset? Surprised? “There’s no place else I would rather be than with you!” the smaller man insisted. “It’s just that I would have us be elsewhere.”

“And where would that be?” Agron asked curiously.

Nasir blushed and ducked his head. “Our bed.”

Agron cocked his head quizzically. “You are tired already? It is early yet ….”

“I do not believe I spoke of sleeping ….” Nasir pointed out, glancing Agron’s way out of the corner of his eye.

Argon’s heart skipped a beat. “You mean … But you still wear the bandage!” He would not risk hurting Nasir!

Nasir blinked. “Do I?” he asked, looking down. “Oh. The Medicus just peeked under wrapping — I was so excited when she said I could return to normal activities, I did not think of it again.”

The flames of hunger that Agron had kept carefully banked roared now into life; before he even realized it, he’d pinned Nasir to the wall, trapping Nasir’s lips in his own. And Nasir seemed glad to give them — until he suddenly pushed Agron away. Agron was relieved to find Nasir could do so easily — it meant both that he had not become so overwhelmed by lust that he would force himself on the smaller man, and also that Nasir’s strength had indeed returned. But damn if it wasn’t frustrating!

Nasir pointed out that they should be waiting for Spartacus to release them from their charge. And Agron loved Nasir for his sense of responsibility, he really did, but what harm could come of their dalliance? The Roman woman was in no condition to escape, and surely, position in the hall as they were, they would notice if someone tried to sneak past them to kill her? Not that he feared anyone would even try. No, they’d waited long enough! Surely Spartacus wouldn’t begrudge them this, since they were doing him a favour?

“Time passes too slowly,” Argon countered.

“We must be quick then,” Nasir replied with a grin, pulling Argon back into his embrace, proving himself as hungry for contact as Agron.

Nasir’s fingers trailed down Agron’s chest, burning an invisible brand across his skin. I am his, Agron thought to himself absently as their mouths continued to work frantically against each other.

And then Nasir’s hand worked its way beneath Agron’s subligaculum, and for a moment Agron knew no thoughts at all, just a blinding white light flashing behind his eyes, one that was accompanied by an intense pleasure. He glanced down at the source in amazement. Looking up again, he caught a sly, delighted smile on his lover’s face and returned it, before eagerly erasing both smiles with the joyous rejoining of lips. Soon Agron brought his teeth into play, taking Nagron’s bottom lip between them ….

He nearly jumped out of his skin when Mira’s voice asked them if this was how they stood guard.

Breaking apart, both men struggled with giving an explanation, the mutual failure of that effort causing giddy laughter to spill from both their lips, as if they were intoxicated (which Argon supposed, in a way, they were). Mira took pity on the pair, ordering them to bed and promising to take over their charge. (Surely Spartacus wouldn’t mind? All that matter was that the woman was watched, right?) Relieved and overjoyed, he gestured to Nasir to go on ahead, and paused to thank Mira before following.

He hoped they wouldn’t run across anyone else before getting their room. As unable as he was to wipe the deliriously happy grin from his face, any of his folk would be sure to stop and tease them — and Agron wasn’t even sure he would make it to their room as it was. Thoughts of the night’s activities were making it decidedly hard to walk ….

Nasir hadn’t exactly run down the hall to their shared chamber, but his heart raced as if he had. Hands shaking in anticipation, he steadied them by grasping the sides of his tunic, towards the top. He turned towards the door, where Agron stood, looking him over.

The shaking stopped.

This was Nasir’s realm of expertise, and he took pride in it. It only helped that, instead of the cold, bored eyes of his dominus, where Nasir saw himself reflected back as nothing more than a prized animal, Agron’s eyes, though equally possessive, were burning with loving warmth. In Agron’s face, Nasir saw awe and worship. Nasir knew that by the slightest whim, his dominus would have replaced him in a heartbeat — and Nasir likewise knew that Agron would sooner give up his own life than lose Nasir.

“Shall I remove clothes, or would you prefer to do so?” Nasir asked huskily, slowly drawing back the sides of his tunic.

He saw Agron swallow hard as he stepped closer, saw the man tremble slightly as he reached out for the fabric. Then Agron stopped. “My hands betray me,” he laughed. “Perhaps you’d best do it.”

“Together,” Nasir suggested, taking Agron’s hands in his and bringing them to his tunic.

He felt Agron tremble still. He wanted to sooth his beloved, but it also thrilled him to be the mentor here, as Agron was with the sword. He wanted to impress Agron with his own ability — and teach him. Hands clasped, together they brought Nasir’s tunic down over his shoulders, letting the garment spill to the floor. He then helped Agron to remove the bandage around Nasir’s waist. He felt Agron stiffen, and found the man staring worriedly at the wound.

“You’re certain you are hale?” Argon whispered.

Nasir brought Agron’s hand to the wound and made him press the flat of his palm against it, pressing down. “It hasn’t bled for days, and no longer hurts,” he promised.

Agron lightly ran his finger across the still-fresh scar, then looked up, eyes glittering. “If I had lost you ….”

Nasir took Agron’s face in his hands. “You didn’t. And now I will remind you that I am alive — and waiting!”

With that, he kissed Agron more fiercely than ever. To his satisfaction, Agron gave back just as passionately, the big German’s strong and now-steady hands relieving Nasir of the last of his clothes on their own. Nasir returned the favour, pleased to find Agron at full-mast beneath. Nasir then resumed the touch that had nearly undone Agron on the hall.

Agron grabbed his wrist, gasping. “Do that again, and I will not last another second!” he complained.

Nasir smiled lasciviously. “It will not take long to make you rise again, I promise.”

He brought his pelvis forward, thrusting his member hard against Agron’s, and was well satisfied by Agron’s answering cry. Nasir then wrapped his hand around them both, stroking with light, teasing touches. Agron’s breathing grew quick and ragged, until his mouth formed a silent cry and hot liquid spilled over Nasir’s hand. The larger man’s knees buckled a moment, and Nasir caught him, helping him regain his footing while the man likewise struggled to regain his composure.

“Apologies,” Agron whispered.

“None needed — this is the result I sought,” Nasir explained as he used the white fluid to slick Agron’s already slightly hardened flesh. “This will make penetration easier.”

Agron cupped Nasir’s face. “We never did discuss … are you certain that is what you want?” Argon asked. “I do not expect it, like a dominus — I would have you choose.”

Nasir ran his fingertips across Agron’s skin, around to the man’s back, drawing shapes lightly against the man’s skin in just the right places. “I have already chosen. My dominus had me mount him more often than he mounted me. I enjoy both, but being mounted is not an easy thing the first time. If you should ever want that, shall teach you, but if you never want it, no I will never not want you inside me.”

Still tracing designs on the man’s hot skin, Nasir claimed Agron’s mouth before the man could reply. Before long, he was rewarded for his efforts, Agron’s member brush against his, twitching with growing need.

Nasir led Agron to their bed and lay back it, drawing Agron down to rest between his thighs. Member pressed against Nasir, Agron paused.

“I … I do not want to hurt you ….”

Shaking his head fondly, Nasir sat up. He kissed Agron lightly, then ordered, “Get on your back.”

Eyeing him warily, Agron rose, and they switched places. Nasir straddled Agron, then, spitting on two fingers, prepared himself. Taking hold of Agron’s length, he eased himself down slowly, watching Agron. The German threw his head back, eyes closed and gasping with little cries. Nasir could feel the man trembling again beneath him. He cried out in surprise when Agron’s pelvis bucked involuntarily, thrusting deeper.

Agron stilled. “Did I—”

Nasir silenced him again with a crushing kiss, and moved his own hips encouragingly, slamming down against Agron.”Move,” he demanded into the German’s mouth.

Agron obeyed, hesitant at first but soon matched Nasir thrust for thrust, hands gripping Nasir’s hips. Nasir leaned back and studied his beloved, enjoying the sight of his mussed hair and kiss-bruised lips just as much as when Agron’s cock hit just the right spot inside him. He reached out and pinched Agron’s nipple, grinning when the man cried out and arched his back. Growling, Agron sat up, holding himself up with one arm while he wrapped his arm around Nasir, gripping his hair, smiling into another kiss.

Their pace slowed as they began to explore one another. Nasir began rotating his hips, grinding into Agron’s lap, fingers playing with Agron’s nipple again until he brought his tongue into play, leaving wet trails along Agron’s chest. Agron drew his fingernails slowly across Nasir’s skin, leaving pleasantly burning lines, and began to nip and suck at the crook of his neck. Reeling from the sensations, Nasir fell back, pulling Agron down with him. Their pace quickened again, their cries intermingling when their lips weren’t. Just as a wave of pleasure crested in Nasir, heat flooded him, Agron’s muscles stiffening and shuddering in his embrace, telling him that Agron had reached his own summit. Of course, in case there was any question, Agron also proclaimed the fact loudly.

Agron rolled to the side, collapsing, and panted along with Nasir. When they had caught their breath, they looked at one another. After a moment of silence, joy bubbled forth as mirth from their lips.

Nasir paced the courtyard, agitated. When Mira had talked Spartacus into allowing a few more people to come along on the mission, he’d tried to join then, but Spartacus had insisted he was not yet ready, regardless of what the medicus said.

Agron will worry for you, and worry for you could get him killed,” the man had said.

And so Nasir had agreed to stay — but it felt like worry for Agron would kill him.

“We do not need trench there,” Naevia remarked from her seat on the stairs.

“Apologies,” Nasir replied, sitting beside her. “How do you stay so calm?”

“Do I seem calm?” Naevia laughed. “I filled with beetles, writing under my skin.”

“As am I. Perhaps we should train?”

“You are well enough to?” Naevia asked.

Nasir nodded. “The medicus said so yesterday.”

“I am most gratified to hear it,” Naevia replied, smiling. “Then let us train — it would time better spent than in worrying.”

“You and Agron seemed quite happy today,” Naevia later remarked as they sparred.

“Aye. Being well enough for this,” he waved his sword, “meant being well enough for … other things.” He smiled.

His smile fell when he realized Naevia’s own smile seemed more of a grimace, her eyes haunted. He lowered his sword. He had seen that look before. He had thought Naevia was just training hard for the war effort, but now ….

“Do you not wish to spar anymore?” Naevia asked.

Nasir stopped closer to her, speaking lowly. “I wish to know if I can aid you. If sparring will help, I will do that — but I think maybe listening will help more.”

Naevia looked stricken; Nasir winced. “I not what you speak of.”

“Apologies,” Nasir said. Perhaps talking was better than listening. “Let us resume.”

A while later, they sat on the stairs again, resting.

“It is wonderful blessing, being with one you love, is it not? So different from when I was body slave of my dominus,” he remarked, not looking at her. “So strange to be free to make love at one’s choosing, rather than on demand. Not that dominus was overly demanding, but some of his friends were, as were some of the staff — especially when I was younger and small to fight them off. But I am free of all that now — thank the gods — and I treasure love I have now, love who would never demand more of me than I can give. I worry I may lose him — every moment apart is like death. But you must know, this, yes? Separated from Crixus as you are right now? Of all in the camp, I think no other has lived a life as similar to mine. I pray we both are able to tell our men again how much they mean to us.”

As if answering his prayer, he heard the clattering of voices and metal weapons. He and Naevia both stood and hurried towards the sound, not waiting for their lovers to come into view.

Nasir was relieved to see Agron walking on his own — battered, perhaps, but in one piece. He would have kissed him only lightly, to spare his injuries, but Agron immediately deepened the kiss. Nasir tasted blood but didn’t care — it meant Agron was here to be kissed, and not dead in Capua. When Argon finally ended the kiss, he slipped his arms around Nasir and sagged against him tiredly.

Nasir noted similar greeting between Crixus and Naevia, and smiled. She caught his eye and smiled back, nodding slightly. Maybe it would be a while, even a long one, before her wound would heal, but maybe now she would let him help her, as she’d helped him.

“Did I keep you waiting long? The journey seemed an eternity,” Agron murmured in his ear.

Nasir met Agron’s eyes and smiled. “Yes — but seeing you alive again is worth any wait.”


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